Jay Kordich Powergrind Pro Juicer Review

Jay Kordich powergrind pro is one of the most effective juicer in the market. This juicer has revolutionized the juicing industry. Jay kordich powergrind pro makes use of the revolutionary new hybrid technology that has enhanced its efficiency and made it the world’s #1 juicer. Its speed can be regulated, giving you the ability to make use of low speed for delivery of more juice and nutrients than other juicers in the market. With Jay kordich powergrind pro, you can produce juice with more nutrients with a super quiet induction motor, guaranteed for life. This juicer uses a newly patented technology that delivers more juice and nutrients per ounce of produce, stretching your food dollar.

Jay Kordich powergrind pro is a hybrid and uses both extracting and grinding to deliver the best of both types of juicers. Remember, Jay Kordich is the father of juicing and is probably the most experienced juicer. He has over 65 years of juicing experience.  With the buy of Jay kordich powergrind pro, you get operations guide DVD featuring Jay Kordich, the father of juicing. The DVDs are meant to enlighten you. Jay kordich delivers ease and speed of an extractor combined with the juice volume and juice quality of a grinder.

Benefits of Owning Jay Kordich powergrind pro

1. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe parts: the parts of this juicer are easy to wash, easily detachable and dishwasher safe. This makes it one of the most amazing juicers in the market today.

2. Effective: with the low RPM, you can preserve both the quality of the juice and nutrients.

3. Super quiet induction motor that is guaranteed for life.

Jay kordich powergrind pro features:

1. The juicer features a revolutionary new hybrid technology
2. Jay kordich powergrind pro has four international patents
3. Makes both soy and almond milk
4. The juicer has an heavy duty surgical quality stainless steel blade
5. Super quiet induction motor, guaranteed for life
6. With purchase of Jay kordich powergrind pro, you are sure of a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty
7. Patented double fee chute
8. Has sleek compact design
9. Low RPM preserves juice quality and quantity
10. Powerful motor never bogs down
11. Extra large detachable pulp basket
12. Operations guide DVD featuring Jay Kordich, the father of juicing
13. Perfect for making leafy green juices
14. Jay kordich powergrind pro fits easily on your counter-top
15. Easy to clean, parts are dishwasher safe

Jay kordich powergrind pro reviews

This juicer is one of the most effective juicers in the world. A revolutionary juicers with a super quiet induction motor that is very powerful. Jay kordich powergrind pro runs very slow, preserving nutrients. It also produces more juice than other pulp ejectors. With Jay kordich, you can also juice nuts and seeds as well. In addition to whisper quiet motor, this unit also easily fits on your counter-top and is also easy to clean and its parts are dishwasher safe. It has an extra large detachable pulp basket. When you are looking for an amazing juicer to buy, Jay kordich powergrind pro is the right juicer for you. It is covered by a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and comes with operations guide DVD featuring Jay. It is worth the price and you can enjoy every moment of your juicing process with this revolutionary juicer in the world.


Jay kordich powergrind pro has changed the juicing industry. This juicer uses a newly patented technology that delivers more juice and nutrients per ounce of produce, stretching your food dollar. Buy Jay kordich now and enjoy every minute of your juicing process.

Lenovo Y700 15.6-Inch Full HD Gaming Laptop Review

If you are looking for a Full HD gaming laptop, the Lenovo Y700 is a perfect fit for you. It’s built with an Intel i7 processor and 8 GB of RAM. You can store all the data you want in a 1TB HDD. To improve the graphic quality, it has been loaded with the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M. The laptop also comes with Windows 10 installed. On top of it all, this notebook has been loaded with Intel’s latest 6th generation quad-core i7 processor. It is robust enough to defeat all its predecessors and competitors.


With sleek yet hard edges, the lid of this laptop has been built using black aluminum with a slight brushing on it that creates a somewhat cross-hatch pattern. The keyboard features a black, soft-touch finish and on the whole, the laptop is fairly light in terms of weight and is mentioned to be one of the better keyboards by thetechinsiders reviews.


As a gaming laptop, it has built-in 1TB HDD with a 5400 RPM drive that delivers data fast enough. It has a robust 8GB DDR4 SDRAM to keep the laptop processing all the time. The laptop further has a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics card, which delivers vividly sharp visuals to enjoy hardcore gaming.

The notebook comes with a high-definition 1920 x 1080 display, and it also has the IPS anti-glare technology, which gives you a chance to play HD games anywhere. On top of it all, as you get busy playing games on the notebook, its integrated thermal fan keeps it cool underneath. It supports the Dolby home theater system and digital surround sound, which takes the laptop speakers to the next level. In terms of weight, the Y700 weighs 2.5 kg, which makes it lighter than the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series as well as the Alienware 15 series.

After the last generation’s Y series notebooks were criticized for their poor screen display and brightness, Lenovo decided to improve it in its latest gaming laptops. The benchmark to beat the average display is 244 nits. The Y700’s average is 263, which is better than Dell gaming laptops. This means that the machine is loaded with the best NVIDIA can offer, as it uses GeForce GTX 960 GPU with 4GB of VRAM. You can play almost all the latest games available, but the catch is that you’ll only be able to play them on low settings.

The games can easily be played on 38, 61 and 72 fps, which definitely goes a long way in terms of making things more noticeable and clearer. When the laptop was set on maximum settings, the frame rate fell to 40 fps, which is definitely above the 30 fps playability threshold.


  • This notebook is capable of giving a good performance
  • It is economical
  • It is packed with loud and robust audio
  • It’s designed to give a smooth and glossy look


  • Its battery life is below average
  • As you get busy playing games, the keyboard starts heating up

This laptop is recommended for those people who want a high-performance gaming laptop at an affordable price. It delivers robust gaming performance and a great audio support as well.